Our journey
through the years

Our date with destiny began over 17 years ago,
and we have since gone from strength to strength,
warming people’s hearts with gourmet dates and date products.


  • Established in 2005 under SENAAT
    to support and develop UAE date
    palm sector
  • Built modren logistics infrastructure
    and implemented World Class
    standards of Dates Classification
  • Processing capacity expanded to
    65,000 MT per year

2008 - 2009

  • Introduction of “Date Crown”
    the first International supermarket
    dates brand.
  • Processing capacity expanded to
    75,000 metric tonnes during the time.
  • Sales revenue saw a 69% increase.

2010 - 2011

  • Zadina, a luxury gourmet date brand
    was introduced through company-operated boutiques.
  • Processing capacity increased to
    90,000 metric tonnes.
  • Sales continued to grow in double digits.

2012 - 2014

  • The third generation of Date Crown
    packs was launched to fulfil the increasing global demand.
  • Al Dhaid receiving centre was set up.
  • Geographic footprint expanded
    to the Far East, Africa, China, and Australia.
  • Sales growth saw continued momentum.

2015 - 2017

  • Al Foah bagged the title of the World’s Largest
    Dates Processing Company, with over 105,000 metric tonnes of annual sales in 45 countries,
    168,000 metric tonnes of processing capacity, and 70,000 metric tonnes of storage capacity.
  • Date Crown became the world’s leading packaged
    dates brand, with a presence in over 33 countries.


  • Fourth Generation Date Crown packs launched, with a new global visual brand identity.
  • New Marketing Policy launched to continue supporting UAE farmers and the date palm sector.
  • Launch of new Philosophy ‘Mind-Body-Soul’, followed by new Corporate Logo.


  • Launch of Fifth Generation packs
    of Date Crown, with the new global visual brand identity.
  • Al Foah became a part of the
    renowned Agthia Group, a leading Abu Dhabi-based FMCG company.

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