Al Foah declared the payment of over 153 million UAE Dirhams to farmers for the marketing of their dates during the season covering the period from 21 July up until 11 November last year. H.E. Eng. Dhafer Ayed Al Ahbabi, Chairman of Al Foah stated: “About 12 thousand farmers, including 681 new farm owners whose farms were classified following the end of the season, benefited from the current payments pro-rata with the amounts of dates received. The financial dues were paid following the completion of the banking particulars of the farmers together with the conclusion of the audit procedures for the amounts received from the remaining farmers.”

Eng. Dhafer Ayed Al Ahbabi confirmed that the current financial installments are paid in the framework of a mechanism adopted by the Company for the sake of the farmers’ convenience. The amounts due for dates are paid periodically during the season so farmers are able to satisfy the seasonal needs of their farms. This reflects the company’s dedication to farmers’ interests and its endeavors to address their concerns. Further, H.E indicated that the total amount paid to 18 thousand farmers marketing their dates during the last season exceeded 704 million UAE Dirhams.

H.E. Musallam Obaid Al Khales Al Ameri, CEO of Al Foah, stated that the general average quality of the dates received has been 42%. H.E added that last year, the Company received more than 108 thousand tons of dates; of which 62 thousand tons were from the farmers of the eastern region, over 34 thousand tons from the farmers of the western regions and 12 thousand tons from the farmers of North Emirates. Al Ameri said that substantial amounts of Al Kharayef dates were received, with Al-Khalas brand ranking first, followed by Al-Dabbas and then Fard.

Saih Al Khair Dates Receiving Center came in first place in terms of the amounts received during the whole season, followed by Al Saad Receiving Center, then Bu Kriya Receiving Center.

H.E. Mohammed Ghanim Al Qesaili Al Mansouri, Deputy CEO of Al Foah Company, said that sufficient plastic boxes were purchased for the 2014 season in consideration of 19 million UAE Dirhams with approximately four million plastic boxes, i.e. 68% of such boxes, having been returned to the farmers during the seasons. The remaining plastic boxes constitute about 32% of the boxes received from farmers during the season.

In this regard, Al Mansouri emphasized to the farmers that they must contact the toll free number: 8005551 to be able to book dates for recouping their boxes before the inception of the next season, according to the adjacent receiving centers.

It is noteworthy that the communication center affiliated to Al Foah pays due attention to the satisfaction of farmers by providing them with first-rate services, ensuring replies to all inquiries. These services include the booking of dates for marketing, payment follow-up, plastic box recoup booking dates, in addition to receiving any complaints, proposals, and other services available to farmers.

Further, it should be noted that about 200 thousand calls were received during 2014. This figure is an indication of the pivotal and fundamental role played by Al Foah Communication Center in the service of farmers all year round.